Education alone isn't enough, and so Youthkind seeks innovative ways to bridge the gap to employment.  


Youthkind™ strives to better serve our members with education and employment support. Unemployment rates are double the national average for young adults aged 16-24.  This project is tailored to utilize a staffing agency model to connect youth with internship and employment opportunities with their local employers.


Ideally, UForce™ supports and coaches our youth members towards their post-secondary educational goals while helping them to carve out their path leading up to and beyond graduation. We are not an organization that seeks to make an impact for a few weeks or months.  We are here to make a long-term commitment to the success of our members' for years to come.

Your Future. Your Success.

Our participants don't need experience, just an eagerness to learn, be consistent and work hard. Below are the objectives of UForce™:

  • Assisting our youth in acquiring the skills, habits and work experience to fulfill their potential
  • Focus on vulnerable youth that are most likely to benefit from our services and who represent untapped talent in our own neighborhoods.
  • Partner with schools and programs that deliver results
  • Develop relationships with employers for internships and employment referrals for our program members
  • Prepare and train our young workers to jobs in high-wage, high-demand fields.
  • Focus on tangible technical skills and behaviors that employers require
  • Creating a pool of full-time, part-time, and temporary jobs/careers and internships

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